About Us

We're a creative agency that loves to craft powerful and beautiful messages for our clients to communicate with. We're always curious, always learning, improving, sharing, grinning and playing, and pushing our own boundries.

What You Want to Know

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We’re based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, but we have clients all over.
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We’re a small team of creative individuals, run by Dane Rossenrode.
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We source the best value services such as website hosting and printing.
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We support non-profit organisations with significant discounts.
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Every aspect of our projects is negotiable – pricing, features, and timeframe.
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Our prices vary from project to project, but we’re happy to chat and send you a free quote.

Focused and Effective

We specialise in these areas of offline and online communication:

Print media design (such as letterheads, business cards, brochures, etc.)

Electronic media design (such as email, websites, blogs, and social media)

Copywriting and Content management

Website development (from scratch, and using a CMS)

Our Team

Laurence, Mark, Dane, Mathew
Laurence, Mark, Dane, Mathew

Dane Rossenrode

Mark Webster

Manager, Web Designer Web Developer
Dane has a passion for quite a few things besides designing and developing websites. He loves TED talks and learning, debating, and teaching. He's particularly fond of the environment. Mark has an IT and teaching background, but he's as much of a geek as anyone. He loves hockey and computer games, and learns faster than anyone else around.

Laurence Davies

Wendy West

Web Developer Project Administrator

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