KDP Signmakers

May 2017

NEW Serving big-name clients all over Cape Town and its surrounds, KDP Signmakers are at the top of their game. For KDP, we designed and built a simple website that focusses on showcasing their broad range of product offerings.

BSW Amazee

January 2017

Best of Swedish Web describes exactly what Amazee Labs do. We were proud to work on their portfolio site that was their entry into this prestigious competition.

In partnership with Amazee Labs.


December 2016

High-speed optical fiber internet infrastructure is the field Lightstruck are leaders in, and they required a website that would clearly communicate exactly that. We built a one-page website with all the features required, and made it look slick in the process.

Villa SA

December 2016

Four beautiful, fully-equipped, spotlessly clean, comfortable, safe, welcoming guesthouses; that’s what VillaSA is today. Based on our Villa ‘packaged website’, we customised and launched a beautiful website for each guesthouse, along with a beautiful landing page to direct visitors to the individual websites.


December 2016

Planning a wedding is a very stressful experience; at least, it is when you don’t have help from professionals. WedQ was a site we developed to put professional planners in touch with couples-to-be. The site boasts advanced scheduling features and slick ecommerce.

De Saude Attorneys

November 2016

De Saude Attorneys stands out as a friendly yet highly effective law firm in Cape Town. We were privileged to have designed and developed a modern and distinguished website for De Saude that we’re all rather proud of.

Hydrofire Blog

September 2016

A simple and modern but very functional blog was what we were asked to deliver to accompany their already-great website, and the client was more than happy with the outcome.

Read to Learn

August 2016

We had a lot of fun building this intra-net style website for a school-focussed project that would help learners with their curriculum. The website had many interactive features, such as courses, quizzes, games, assignments, and statistics for the teachers. It even had an English-isiXhosa translations library.


July 2016

Rent a store had a website, but it was dated and didn’t work on smaller screens like phones. We solved those by re-developing the website using the Bootstrap framework.

In partnership with Surge Digital.