That Shoe Lady

July 2015

Importing trendy and timeless shoes and selling them to an incredibly loyal customer group, That Shoe Lady's website is more than just an effective online store; it's core to their business as well. Serving many thousands of customers every month, we're proud that the website we've built for That Shoe Lady is reliable, flexible, and grows with their business.

Content Asia

May 2015

A behemoth in the Asian Media space, we were brought in to help re-theme Content Asia's existing website. It was no small task, but it’s world-class now.


April 2015

Although Xite has the passion and boldness to update their own website, they needed a little help redesigning their front page.

Sea Gems Online

March 2015

This charming little business in the deep South area of Kommetjie needed a website to sell their shell products from all over the world to their local customers.

Selim Kagee website

September 2014

Selim’s wonderful new career needed a website to match; we built it from scratch to show off his events, photos and videos, media, and more.

CapMarine Environmental

September 2014

Capricorn marine looks after our oceans, but their old website needed some looking after of it's own. We redesigned and rebuilt it for them.


September 2014

Attracting attendees from all over the UK, the powerful annual Devoted event's website is a fun and technically -challenging project we're proud to work on each year.

Tom Ro Haven website

July 2014

Caring for horses and children is as wonderful work as it is tough and thankless. Luckily, a generous business’ donation allowed them to hire us to build a website for them, including a donations system.

The Dunes website

February 2014

Built on the white sands of Noordhoek Beach, The Dunes is a stable that's worked offline for decades, and decided to join the world online with their first website. They wanted a simple, visually-delightful, sand-in-your-toes kind of static website, which we were happy to build for them in under 2 days.