Website Creation Process

This is an overview of the process we follow when we create a website for a business or organisation (like yours).

  • Making Contact – A potential client wanting a website contacts Touchdreams, via email or phone call.
  • Meeting, Briefing – A Touchdreams designer and developer meets with the client. Together, they work out a Project Brief, and a Design Brief. These documents allow Touchdreams to make the website exactly the way the client wants it.
  • Quotation – Touchdreams sends or delivers a quotation to the client. This must be approved by the client before design work can begin.
  • Payment of deposit – The client is required to pay the required deposit before any work begins. When this has been paid, a project timeline can be discussed and set.
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  • Evaluation (only for re-designs) – Touchdreams conducts a thorough evaluation of the current website; what should remain unchanged, be changed, moved, and added.
  • Design – Touchdreams team designs the website. The design is then presented to the client for approval.
  • Hosting – Touchdreams recommends a suitable web host and hosting plan for the client. Once the hosting has been purchased, the hosting service will be set up.
  • Development – Touchdreams develops the website code. This may include the setting-up of a content management system (CMS).
  • Content insertion – The client provides all copy and media to be displayed on the website for the developer to upload / insert.
  • Launch – Touchdreams sets up the website on the host’s server, and makes the website live on the internet.
  • Payment of balance – When the client is happy with the complete website, the client pays the balance owing to Touchdreams.
  • Maintenance training – The Touchdreams website developer will meet with the client’s staff to teach them how to update the website. Touchdreams also hands over all the information regarding the website (and host) that the client may need to know in the future. This will include a discussion of Touchdreams maintenance of the website.

Not all of the above steps need to be completed, or completed in the order shown. However, we recommend following this process as closely as possible, so that it's more likely that you and Touchdreams will be satisfied at the end of the project.

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