Out there in the wilds of the internet are people who know your business and people who don’t; people who love what you do and people who have no clue what you do; customers, potential customers, interested people and ordinary people; just so many people you need to talk to and sell to.

As you’re probably aware, websites have become the most powerful way of connecting with these people, and your business needs one. All those people mentioned above—let’s call them your target audience—expect to be able to reach you and communicate with you (or be communicated with) through a website.

The Value of a Great Website

A great website will welcome and inspire your audience when they’re online (which they will be, a lot of the time), inform them of what you do and why you do it, entertain them, sell your products and services to them, and a place to which they can return to any time they like - without leaving their homes and offices.

Your clients expect you to have a website that’s friendly and easy to navigate, informative, entertaining and basically worth spending their time on. On top of all that, you want a website that looks wonderful, is easy to update, and most importantly, makes you money.

The Websites We Build

For small businesses, we build fast and light ‘static’ websites. They’re simple, fast and fun to create. They typically have only a few pages which don’t change often, such as a Home page, an About page, a Products or Services page and a Contact page.

For bigger businesses with a lot to say, we make use of a content management system (a CMS). These typically allow the owners to log in and update the content at any time, and are highly adaptable, so they can grow with the business. This allows them to be easily improved with additional features like a blog, comments on web pages, a website search, images slideshows and much, much more.

How Much We Charge

The costs of the websites we create vary enormously and are always unique to the particular project. However, because we know you’d like some idea of our pricing, we’ve explained how the cost varies for each type of website on…

Our Prices page

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How it Works

Having a clear and efficient work process (some call it a workflow) helps us create websites efficiently and professionally. Here’s a brief summary:

We start by meeting you and your team to discuss what you’re looking for, and how we can provide the services you need. We will then send you a detailed proposal, which includes a timeline and cost breakdown with your options.

If you already have a website, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of it; what should remain unchanged, be changed, moved and added, as well as its current performance.

We then design all the parts and features of the website. While that’s being worked on, unless we’re coding your site from scratch, we also set up the CMS (content management system), adding all the features you’ve chosen. Next, our developer will upload and insert your content into the website.

At this stage, we’re ready for launch; making the site live on the internet. That’s your cue to celebrate.

Either before or after launch, our website developer will meet with you (and any of your staff) to teach you how to update the website.

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